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There certainly has been a David Bowie movie created just to honor the legendary rock and Roll artist. As is abundantly clear from the list of past film credits featuring the likes of Jean Sheppard, Kevin Spacey, and Eddie Murphy, the man who forever broke the color barrier in movies, namely with his association with psychedelic cinema, has a long and distinguished history of producing great artistic films.

No list of the greatest movie stars of all time should leave out David Bowie. This should easily be painfully obvious to anybody with even a cursory understanding of the legendary rock star’s illustrious career. But it appears to have escaped even the makers of STARDRESSQ (co-directed by Stephen Lang & based on a tale by Robert Burns), the magnificent David Bowie biopic which was released to dismal reviews the day prior to Thanksgiving. Perhaps this is a better film as its plot involves a young man (Darth Vader actor Michael Caine) who grows hair to match the red cape he wears in the iconic science fiction movie so famous. It is also worth noting that despite the fact that David Bowie has passed away, STARDRESSQ retains its popularity with audiences.

Another excellent David Bowie movie that never got made is THE Velvet Goldmine, which starred Andy Warhol and his famous army of “students” (the term used to described his studio friends and accomplices). Andy Warhol was a visionary whose contribution to the world of art is undeniable, but it is interesting to note that his filmography often co-existed with the career of jazz artist and friend Mark Knopfler.

Though the two men were long apart, they remained friends for decades and Knopfler was a regular concertgoer with Bowie, which led to their being photographed together in some of Bowie’s early shows. This biopic also featured the very talented Yusef Islam.

David Bowie to Play Plastic Beach? New Film About David Bowie Is in the Works

There’s a good David Bowie movie being made now. If you haven’t heard, The Man Who Played With Men is going to be shot by Disney for some big money. But who knows if it will live up to expectations. It should be absolutely painfully obvious to anybody with even just a cursory knowledge of the legendary rock star’s career that the man is an absolute master of getting art to move. But it appears to have escaped the mainstream producers of the long-awaited film adaptation of his greatest hits, The Man Who Played With Men. Instead, the film has been held up for months, and in some cases, years, in development hell.

One reason the David Bowie film has been put on hold is because of the casting. Yes, James Hammer got the part (although he hardly looked like Hammer in the audition videos, nor does he actually look like a David Bowie). But without Hammock, the David Bowie biopic would simply be a film about the rock star’s life, and that just isn’t the case. No one can quite pin-point exactly what the inspiration was for David Bowie, and while there’s plenty of speculation as to how and when he got psyched on Acid, there’s also plenty of theories as to whether or not he actually heard the Beatles at all. So Disney’s decision to cast Hammock instead of casting someone like David Hyde Pierce (for instance) makes more sense when you stop and think about it.

But Disney also apparently had other plans for the second half of the decade. Because while no new David Bowie biopic has been developed, no new rock songs by Bowie have been recorded. It’s possible that Disney saw this coming, and that’s why they’ve done a bit of promotion for their new project, and in the meantime they’ve given Andy Warhol another chance. Hopefully we’ll see more of Warhol next year, because after all, only one man’s name is associated with the Velvet Goldmine, and that’s Andy Warhol.

New Film by David Bowie Filmmaker About His Life and Music

There’s a good David Bowie movie being made right now. Hopefully it will live up to the masterpieces of both his Ziggy and Leave Me alone eras. Unfortunately, there seems to have been quite a bit of hype behind it without much in the way of substance. But it still seems to have escapes the producers of Stardust, that was set to debut the day before Thanksgiving, leaving many fans disappointed.

But then there’s nothing like the buzz that’s been created around the film by the press and internet. The stupendous cast, including Andy Garcia as David Bowie, plus Michael Caine, Warren Beatty, Val Kilmer, and several other Hollywood veterans, and the mastermind of the project, director Simon Beaufroy, have all were generating incredible amounts of excitement for months now. It is truly rare that you get to see such a star-studded group of actors put together in one movie, and truly be amazed at what they do. With such a talented group of people behind the scenes, a biopic of David Bowie, as expected, will be a huge success.

So if you’ve been looking forward to seeing the newest film by David Bowie and are disappointed that it hasn’t yet arrived in theaters, don’t worry. You’ll be able to find online sources that offer a high quality version of this film. The music rights to this classic work are owned by different entities now, so many distributors are hesitant to put it out in the public because they don’t own the master rights. Some have already started selling the Velvet Goldmine version which does have the music rights, but it’s not anywhere near as good as the original. If you really want to see this David Bowie biopic come to life, then make sure to grab your tickets now!

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