David Bowie Space Oddity Lyrics

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When you are dealing with the stupendous career of David Bowie, you tend to ask yourself just how diverse an artist he really was and how long did it take him to reach the level of stardom that he reached. There are so many classic Bowie songs and albums that come to mind as some of the most beloved masterpieces of all time. With such stupendous musicianship, such originality, and such unique lyrics, I’m sure that David Bowie could never reach any further than he already had. With that said, there are still quite a few lesser known Bowie songs that I’d like to introduce people to, for a variety of reasons.

One of my favorite Bowie songs (and actually the only song in the album, which features a Space Oddity sample) is the first song on his groundbreaking album titled hit single Black Tie White Noise. This track is also widely regarded as one of the greatest songs ever written by a major rock band (and by a major rock band, I mean it! ), “Space Oddity” is yet another masterpiece featuring Bowie at his greatest, and at the same time, just as catchy. And just for kicks, listen to the incredibly fast guitar intro to this song, something you definitely won’t hear on any other Bowie song.

Another wonderful song from the last album by Bowie, “Diamonds Are Forever” features on of his most recognizable themes, “diamonds are forever.” Although not as epic as the aforementioned song, this is still a wonderful piece, sung by the king of pop himself. Listen to the words, and pay close attention to the instruments as well. It will captivate you as well.

David Bowie Space Oddity Lyrics

David Bowie’s Space Oddity is a very strange album indeed. The inspiration for the album came from a trip David Bowie had to take in New York City. On this visit he saw the Empire State building. The inspiration for the song that eventually appeared on the album came from that and decided to write and record an album around it. Space Oddity has one of the most interesting songs on the album, “Heroes”, and has also been included on a number of other Bowie albums since then.

I think the greatest track on the album is entitled “Heroes” and features two very interesting lyrics. The first verse starts off with the lyrics, “Heroes never die/Why should they if they could have?” The second verse continues with the words, “Why should they if they could have killed their own boss and get off?” The first part is very interesting considering that this could be a possible indication that Bowie might have felt some conflict or anger towards his former employer when he left. These feelings would have contributed greatly to some of his songs that would follow.

The production of this album was done by Paul Young and is a real innovative use of electronics. It is quite impressive how well the song sounds. In my opinion the use of keyboards was perhaps not as effective as you might have hoped, but this track is still well worth a listen. The only critique I can give this song is that there is very little variation in the lyrics. The same song played out many times, and obviously someone must have thought that a different variation would have enhanced the song’s success.

David Bowie Space Oddity Lyrics

One of the greatest and most well known songs from David Bowie’s catalog is Space Oddity. A classic song with incredible lyrics and a powerful beat, this album had many cover versions, most notably by the King of Rock, Mick Jagger. The song was covered by several other artists including Big Youth, Cheap Trick and Kinks. Its enduring popularity is well known within the rock community, and it remains one of the best songs of all time.

Space Oddity lyrics are about an interesting place in our society namely the inner city. It is about how the urban environment is completely different from the suburbs. The narrator of the song “Space Oddity” describes the brutality of war and how soldiers often die in urban conflicts. The song then goes on to describe how these deaths are often graphic and even funny at times.

Another great thing about this song is that David Bowie did not always write the lyrics. He usually asked lyricist Tony Cuffe to come up with the words. The song then went through many changes before reaching its final form. The album finally came out in 1970, and is very rare as only a handful of copies have been made. Bowie also had various collaborations with several other artists on this song including Paul Simonon and Mick Jagger.

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