David Bowie Tattoo

Age of David Bowie

David Bowie Tattoo is well known as a symbol of artistic inspiration and style. He has inspired millions across the globe through his music, acting and art. David Bowie is not only a rock star who spawned millions of fanatics over the course of his prolific career but is also a cultural icon. Behind the success of Space Oddity, David Bowie was a worldwide star.

After leaving the army, Bowie embarked on an incredible 20-year musical career which saw him win six Grammies, four Oscars and two Brit Awards. Among his most well-known songs is Space Oddity. The song Space Oddity is about the relationship between two space ships that crash land on the planetoid Gargantua. The musical side of this song speaks about the loneliness that people get when they leave their homes. It is a message for those people who are now stranded on another planet far from their families.

The owl tattoo is another classic David Bowie quote which speaks of his creativity. The owl symbolizes creativity and imagination, which go hand in hand with the concept of creating. When people get the owl tattoo, it represents a journey of discovery and new opportunities. People get the lightning bolt tattoo to signify the progression of one’s career as well as a way of recognizing a past that is past.

David Bowie Tattoo – An Alternate Fashion

David Bowie is a very popular rock star who spawned millions of fans across the globe during his career. Behind the phenomenal success of Space Oddity, David Bowie was an overnight star. This song was his first major break, which helped launch his career into the limelight. Over the years, he has been involved in innumerable hit songs, which have all but guaranteed him his place in music history.

Though he broke away from the mainstream when it came to his music, he always remained true to himself. Though his Space Oddity image is iconic, many people prefer a more subtle version of this design. David Bowie’sSpace Oddity tattoo is an example of how a tattoo can be both classic and modern.

This image of the famous singer can be tattooed anywhere on the arm. Some people choose to put it on their shoulder because it flatters the image of the person having the tattoo. Many people also choose to get a David Bowie portrait tattoo in a location on their back that is hidden from sight. Many women opt to have their own version of the Space Oddity tattoo etched onto their arm. These type of tattoos are often very detailed and can take a great deal of time to complete.

David Bowie Tattoo Designs – Portrait Tattoos

Two years after his death, there’s still no lack of David Bowie tat art to pick up inspiration from. If you’re thinking of getting your own tat tribute to this legendary artist, here’s a quick guide to some of Bowie’s best visually striking work to help motivate your ink:

The word “itzcription” simply means “itzaped,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this list of David Bowie tribute tattoos: Isochronic (Isochronic) tones often sound repetitive because they evoke the exact same brain activity that happens when someone is thinking or remembering a specific person or thing. So you’ll hear a heartbeat or similar rhythmic sounds running through your ear. Often, tat enthusiasts (like you) will hear a short snippet of a song like Ultravoxx; or maybe a snippet from a movie such as Space Truckers. TATs that feature this effect (using a combination of Isochronic and non-Isochronic tones) are called “choruses.” In contrast, a tat that doesn’t have a repeating background note or beat (and may feature one or more scoffs, bite marks, or other dissimilar marks) is known as a “verse.”

Another great way to get your David Bowie tribute tattoos on point is to get an image of the famous British star as a tattoo, inked on your flesh (like a portrait tattoo). Some images to consider would be a black and white photograph of him with a bandanna over his face, or a photo of him on the cover of a 1977 album called Hunky Dory. Any image featuring an elongated, helmet-wearing figure with hair splashed all over the place would make an ideal portrait tattoo, and you could accentuate the portrait’s features (such as the eye and eyebrows) with an image of David Bowie. As you can see, tat designs with David Bowie in mind can be a lot of fun to create, and should really be done by people who really love the pop legend and who want to pay homage to their favorite icon!

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