David Bowie – This is not America

Who is David Bowie?

This is not America. The lead vocalist of David Bowie’s band, along with guitarist, singer and keyboard player, is Roger Daltrey. Roger was a member of the Yardbirds along with Bowie, so he knew Bowie well. I don’t think he ever sang a bad song all that time. The real truth is that David Bowie did write all of his songs too, except for one…certainly not a hit. Even if it wasn’t his best work, “ouxiel” remains his most popular song.

Now let me tell you about this greatest rock and roll band from the United Kingdom, and their first album, which I just heard, Black Oroscope. I must say, it was my favorite album by this group of musicians. Listening to them to cover their entire song, and it just keeps going on, it was amazing. If you like listening to weirdo music, you will love this band. There are many bands that try to sound like this but none really do it well.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to tell if David Bowie is a real band or a rock band which only exists in the United States, listen to Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC. Those bands are huge worldwide and they have a huge fan base. Now, if you want to be part of that fan base, and want to be understood, then give this band a listen. You will realize that it is David Bowie who is really making you feel real.

David Bowie Is Not America – This Movie Showcases His greatness

I’m a huge fan of David Bowie and many of his music but in this movie, he comes across as being too Hollywood and over the top. The story line goes like this; David (Bowie) moved to America from England when he was 14 years old and lived in Texas for the next 10 years. During this time he went to a Christian school and even had his first church tattoo put on his back. It just goes to show you how much of an artist and true American he really was. David Bowie did play a lot of the same instruments that he would have played in his early days such as strings and keyboards. It’s interesting that he chose to get away from the standard guitar and rockabilly sounds of yesteryear in favor of what we know now of pop, rockabilly, and rhythm and blues.

Overall the movie is well made and entertaining. The acting is great and the storyline is fun. I’m just not a big fan of David Bowie as an artist, so I wasn’t going to like this movie. The music is decent; not as amazing as some of my favorites by him such as Stereo and Black Tie White Noise. The one track that I found a little bit annoying was” recreate” which reminded me of listening to a tape loop of “Come As You Are.”

Overall this is not America. I hope that someone takes notice of the great performances by David Bowie and make this a film you see the next time you are at the movies. For those of you who love his music but don’t care about politics, you will probably enjoy this film. Those who are against him as a cultural icon will find this to be an anti-American production. Good or bad, it is certainly worth a look. If you haven’t seen it, run to the theater right away and watch it… you won’t regret it!

This Is Not America, This Is Not Berlin, And This Is Not ‘The Division Of Sleep’

David Bowie’s greatest solo album is considered by many to be his greatest work, and it’s called Station to Station. One of the most recognizable songs from this album, and perhaps the most recognizable of all of Bowie’s songs, is” Berlin II” which was a side-to-side meditation on the conflict raging in Berlin at the time. This song, along with the classic “The Rhyming of Choice,” is often cited as being one of the defining albums of all time…and in many ways it was…as it was able to evoke such a powerful response from listeners across the world.

This is not America, this is not Berlin, and this is not ‘The Division of Sleep’…but it’s quite possibly the best album that Bowie has ever made. It contains numerous classic songs (most notably “Senseless,” “Black Mirror,” and the classic” Tonight,” which features two of the most distinctive guitar tones that Bowie has ever employed) as well as a plethora of varied tracks that feature the band at their most experimental state. Many of these songs (like ‘Berlin II’ or ‘Mystery’) are considered reprints (so you don’t have to go out and buy the original versions) because they sound nothing like the finished product. However, if you absolutely must have these tracks, you can find them wherever they still exist (usually CD R or CD pocket editions), but if you’ve never heard of them, you really owe it to yourself to check them out.

David Bowie once stated that he took much satisfaction from the fact that people would always ask him about his musical tastes and influences, and he was spot on with that statement. This is not America, this is not Berlin, and this is not ‘The Division of Sleep’…but without a doubt it’s one of the best albums that modern music will ever have to offer. I highly recommend giving this record a listen, because it is something very special indeed. For those unfamiliar with this artist, I highly recommend that you take the time to explore the vast body of work that lies behind this name (which spans over 40 years). You’ll never be disappointed by what you hear. Happy listening!

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