David Bowie’s Daughter

David Bowie's Daughter

David Bowie had two daughters in his lifetime, a daughter named Tali and a son named Dereon. They were both born pretty far away from each other, which means their lives were pretty different, meaning their perspectives of life weren’t so similar. David’s son is Duncan Jones, but whose is his daughter and whose is her mom? That question is the subject of this essay, which explores the relationship between David Bowie and Tali Bowie, and their mother and daughter.

Tali Bowie was born in 1963 in New York City and was raised by her grandparents. According to one biographer, her grandmother was very close to Tali’s father and considered her “almost like a young version of herself.” She went on to have three children with her father, whom she describes as “a wonderful husband and father… whom I never got to know better than my grandmother.” She went on to marry another man named Peter Collins, but did not keep any children with him. When her career in music began to suffer, however, she remarried and had another child with Collins.

Tali and David Bowie are both portrayed as very private people who had very different childhoods and different views of the world. It’s interesting to note that while David Bowie was often described as “distant” by others, his daughter was quite open about her relationship with her dad, even sharing some of her earliest photographs. The mother’s bond between daughter and father may be the key to understanding the father-daughter bond. When Tali goes missing, David goes to search for her, which ends up being the basis for much of the song “Space.” When her body is discovered, David expresses regret for not finding her earlier and goes to work, and later on, finds peace when he realizes that she has been saving her last breath for him.

David Bowie and Tali Bowie – daughter Secrets

David Bowie had two kids in his lifetime, a daughter named Dereon and a son named Tali who was born way too far away from him. They were both born fairly far away from each other, which means their lives were pretty radically different from one another. David Bowie’s son is Tali Bowie, but how is his daughter and what is her relationship with her father? I will try to answer those questions for you here.

Tali Bowie was born in Ghana in the west and was the middle child of three children. She was actually the oldest child, which put some parents into heated debates because Tali was old enough to be an infant whereas her two sisters were young. David Bowie’s wife at the time was pregnant with his fourth child, which put a bit of a crimp in things for Tali and her father, which led to David Bowie taking custody of her for a while. It wasn’t easy though as Tali liked her sister to go to university and her mother didn’t agree with them being away from home.

It seems that Tali and David have always been close and she became his closest fan in the world when he wrote and sang the songs about her. He named her “Tali” in the song Black Gold and the video for the song Dark Blue featured her as well. You can find out more about the story of Tali and David Bowie’s daughter below.

David Bowie’s Daughter

David Bowie’s two children were born quite a distance away from him, to totally different mothers and therefore their experiences of life weren’t very dissimilar. David’s son is musician Duncan Jones, however the real name of his daughter is heroine Nelly. She grew up in London and went on to become one of the most famous musicians of all time, while her husband David Bowie was creating some of the world’s most well-known music videos. Their daughter is a choreographer and film maker and the name of her son is Icon.

David Bowie’s son from a previous relationship, Isabella Brodie-Sangster, went on to become one of the world’s best-selling writers and musicians, with many of her books having been made into successful films. Her daughter is writer Marina Segal, whose own musical career spanned the length of both the sixties and seventies. The world might have never heard of her, if it weren’t for her father.

Peter Jones (Isabella Brodie-Sangster) is a freelance writer based in New York City who knows his way around the city, particularly the fashion world. He comes across Nelly and her father at an art exhibition, where he gets to know her better. Nelly soon falls head over heels in love with Peter, despite her parents’ initial resistance. Their friendship is an unlikely romantic relationship, which blossoms only later when Nelly begins to write about her feelings for her father in poetry.

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