The Best Christmas Songs Ever by David Bowie

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So David Bowie had a Christmas record turned in and then the rave scene changed and it was all about Christmas music again. This time it was more about traditional Christmas music with choirs, carolers, and singers. In his song Christmas Time with lyrics about mistletoe and Santa Claus Bing Crosby crooned out songs like I’m Only Sleeping and Baby Christmas.

Many of these songs are still popular and have been rerecorded over the years but if you were to name some of the more recognised Christmas songs of all time which has kept the tradition of the season alive and has made it into a worldwide classic then there is a very good chance that Bing Crosby would be right up there with Elvis or John Lennon as the best Christmas ever crooner.

It was not surprising that he went on to star in a number of movies and TV shows which took the holiday season away from traditional Christmas songs and instead took us on a wild goose chase through the snowy landscape of Hollywood.

David Bowie also rose to fame at this time with several hit singles including Leave Me Now and Diamonds Are Forever. It was quite an exciting time for him as he was in the process of writing his groundbreaking album which he named Station To Station. The album remains the benchmark for all of David Bowie’s work, as it features all of his trademarks and was released in the spring of 1970. One of the tracks off the album that is perhaps the best known of all time is That Is Alright, the single which made its debut at Number 13 on the UK charts. A very poignant and dramatic track, the music is sung by David Bowie himself and is accompanied by trombones and piano music.

While the UK chart peaked at number 13, it didn’t stay there for long as it quickly fell out of the Number 1 spot due to the arrival of Michael Jackson and the equally successful Just My Life. He went back to the single in its place at number 2 but still failed to reach the peak as the next artist on the list was Cream. Since then Bing Crosby has really been able to lay down some incredible holiday music and has even reached the peak of the pop charts with White Christmas. There is no doubt that if David Bowie had not left us with his amazing music there would have been a lot less holiday music to enjoy during the festive period!

The Best Christmas Songs by a Franchise Title

The Christmas song “O Holy Night”, which is a remake of an old ballad by David Bowie and also features the then popular hit song, “White and Gold”. This is one of many Christmas songs by Bing Crosby featuring the classic Christmas carols “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Let it Snow”, that became hits during the 1960’s. The music video for “O Holy Night” features Bing dancing along to his hit Christmas song while accompanied by his wife. While many of the Christmas songs from this list have become iconic, “O Holy Night” remains a favorite due to its pure sentiment and simplicity. This is also one of the few Christmas videos ever to feature the duo of Bing and Diana Ross. It also featured backup dancers John Turturro and Jo Stafford.

When it comes to Christmas carols that have become classics, nothing beats “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, which remains a steady favorite throughout the year. This Christmas song is also a re-recording of the famous “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. Both of these holiday classics were featured in the film, White Christmas. As expected, a lot of Christmas movies contain Christmas music, but the two above definitely make the list.

In terms of artists who have recorded Christmas music, the first three on our list are Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. I don’t think any of these three would be disappointed with the top spot. It is undeniable that the great Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra recorded some of the best Christmas music of all time, so I feel confident in declaring that they are the best Christmas performers.

Ten Years On Top of the Charts

The year’s most requested Christmas songs have been given their own special Christmas tune, and today’s list of Bing Crosby Christmas tunes is a whopper of a collection. I’d made a quick list of some of my favourite Bing Crosby Christmas songs before I started this article, and when I was done I was sat with my laptop open to the latest internet song, which was unfortunately not there on the computer I had been using! In fact, when I went to make the list of Christmas songs for my family this morning, all of them had disappeared from my computer! It wasn’t until I went back online that I found the original versions of these Bing Crosby Christmas tunes that I could hear.

So, it turns out that maybe I’d been a bit lax in my criteria for selecting the best Christmas songs and had actually chosen some very poor Christmas songs myself, like White Christmas, A Christmas Carol and The Old Man’s Man. But even with those poor Bing Crosby classics, they at least managed to capture the spirit of the holiday in them and were still very popular, so they’re definitely my favourite Christmas songs and certainly tops on my list. However, I must admit that they were not the best Christmas songs of the decade, although they certainly did the job well. That honour goes to We Are the World, one of my personal favourites.

So, instead of having another huge list of Bing Crosby or David Bowie classics to pull me out of my depression, I’m just going to have to pull out the most excellent albums that I can find and give my list of the best Christmas songs of the last ten years or so a more boring name than Bing and David! But I’ve got plenty more of those to pull out again – Elvis Costello’s Baby Should Stop Here, A Chorus Line, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Just As I Am, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Come As You Are and Aida. There are lots of great songs that are just as good, and some albums that never hit the spot this year like My Generation by Linkin Park and Nothing Is Ever Good For Me by The Arctic Monkeys.

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