The David Bowie Space Oddity Album

The David Bowie Space Oddity Album

David Bowie’s Space Oddity album is one of my favourite albums ever. The concept for the album was very different to David Bowie’s normal style but nevertheless it worked amazingly well, even if I don’t feel it to this day.

The theme was a moody, distorted and dreamy one and you can clearly notice the influence of the album on later albums such as Hunky Dory from the 1990’s. The concept was to create a fictitious world with themes that mirrored those created by David Bowie in his solo work, yet incorporating elements of his own ideas, as well.

The concept behind the game was to take elements from David Bowie’s music and merge them with the video game and music concepts. This became the basis of the Space Oddity series and it was a very successful game for a long time.

The game featured a variety of musical instruments and David Bowie himself appeared in the trailer for the game. The game received much critical acclaim and even won four Video Game Awards including the coveted Game Of The Year award. It is the reason why the Space Oddity series remains among my favourite music games of all time.

A lot of people are under the impression that the Space Oddity is not a real album and instead a game. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Space Oddity music is actually just part of the main theme of the game, which is a puzzle/adventure game set in space. The album features David Bowie’s greatest hits and is also mixed with music from other artists.

David Bowie – Space Oddity

David Bowie’s Space Oddity is one of the greatest early works by a musician before he became famous. Bowie wrote most of the music and performed most of the instruments himself. The album cover, in itself, is quite remarkable, with its central image (Bowie’s face in a black void), the album cover in full, and three words on the spine, which give us the song title: “Space Oddity”. This is a remarkable album, and contains many classic songs that are still well worth playing even today, if you only have the original (LP) release.

Among the standouts on this album are” Shine”,” Sweetape”, and” Mesa City Blues”, which feature two guitar solos. The title track, which is a composition for piano and organ, and “Wild Mood” contain some beautiful harmonies. One other track on this masterpiece is “Breathe” featuring John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

The quality of David Bowie’s live performances on this album is simply outstanding. He sings with his heart in mind, which is very rare for a singer at that time. His voice is unique, and the instrumentals are amazing. This album is a must-have for anyone who loves rock music, or even just who enjoys listening to it. If you haven’t listened to this album, I highly recommend it!

Space Oddity (Movie Review)

When it comes to sci-fi movies, one of the most enjoyable genres to explore is David Bowie’s Space Oddity. This film from 1965 is one of the few films you will ever have the pleasure of watching that is absolutely beautiful to look at and just as entertaining (if not more so) as it is exciting to watch.

The plot of the film is that a group of people (called the “Human Resource Department” on the film) discovers a space ship (which they identify as a ” spaceship “carried aloft by a rambunctious monkey on a suicide mission”) floating near the village of Goring. Once there, they decide to land the ship on the surface of the Goring Plain, where they are astonished to see “a massive, industrial-sized structure which seems to be some kind of giant animal”.

Their first inclination is to send a “scout” or a “weather balloon” into the area to search for any living creatures, but this is denied by the head of the Human Resource Department. They then decide to send three men onto the ship itself in an effort to “discover” what they are seeing, and thus whether the ship is a living organism. The men are subjected to various experiments which turn them into “suitcases” of meat, which are injected with a serum which makes them alive, and thus able to move around and even attempt to climb poles. The two British scientists, whose names are Rip and Doug, are given top priority when it comes to life searches, and they are assigned to the highest position available: commandant of the Goring expedition.

While Space Oddity is a wonderfully written, funny, and interesting film, it does tend to lose momentum towards the end. Its climax is almost too fast for its time, and it seems to lack the real shocks and twists that many films of this type can provide. Despite this, the film is a fun one, and quite entertaining overall.

Some of the special effects may look a little amateurish, but they were probably planned that way – the same thing could be said for any of the special effects that were used in Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other popular shows of past years. In short, if you enjoy thrillers and space adventure, you’ll love Space Oddity.

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