What Is David Bowie’s Eye Color?

David Bowie's Eye Color

David Bowie trivia will never die and neither will his many eye color stories. The name of the famous musician comes from two words: Boy and Girlfriend. And boy he certainly had a lot of girls loving him. Well, even though it seems he didn’t exactly have blue eyes David Bowie didn’t really have other eye colors as well, both of his brown eyes were blue.

You may think that bowie’s case was slightly different but no, in fact he was a case of homochromia, which is a condition where people have two slightly different colored irises. People with heterochromia can only wear glasses for a short period of time and when they do need to remove them they do so in a very embarrassing way.

It was rumored that David had different colored eyes from a young age as an infant. His mother always took him to different colored restaurants to eat his meals. Though his father said that his favorite color was green-he actually meant green-to-brown. Though there were reports that say he had different colored eyes at this young age, nothing has been proven yet. Even if he did have different colored eyes, his parents never said that they caused him any harm as he was given medications regularly that his health wasn’t bad at all.

People with heterochromia two different colored eyes can still wear glasses if they wish, it’s just not very easy to do that with certain eye-color combinations. If you know for sure that your eyes are naturally blue then it’s quite easy to get rid of your glasses. Of course it all depends on how much you would really want to remove them.

David Bowie Eye Color – New Idea Magazine

David Bowie trivia will show that the name ‘Bowie’ actually came from the name of the lead singer from the very popular band The Rolling Stones. David Bowie trivia should also show that many people consider him to be one of the most famous artists in the world at that time. Many people are still well known now for their association with the band and David Bowie eye color.

Well many people have claimed that David Bowie did not really have two coloured eyes new idea magazine reports though. Well even if it does seem that way it really did not. You may think that David Bowie didn’t have the medical condition known as heterochromia which means that humans have 2 different coloured eyes but that just was not the case. He may have had some pale eyes due to a genetic defect but his eyes were not two coloured. This is actually the most interesting piece of David Bowie history in that when he was young he was always photographed with his parents and siblings and while all of them had light brown eyes none of them ever had two coloured eyes.

Two different colored eyes can be a real beauty and David Bowie was absolutely exquisite. The interesting part of this whole story is that his parents never said a word when he got these brown eyes. It just happened and his doctors confirmed it in the end. They were amazed that his eyes looked so beautiful and so similar to his siblings. He was born in Northamptonshire, in September in Aylesbury, Warwickshire England and according to some reports he is of Italian decent. Today there is even a museum dedicated to the life and work of David Bowie dedicated to preserving his memory.

What is the Most Likely Reasons David Bowie Eye Color is a Cause For Concern?

David Bowie was the famous British rock star who changed the world with his eye catching performances. The look he had and the music he created made him a superstar. People like me and you can’t even begin to name all the musicians who had beautiful eyes. Some of them you see on TV and in films, while some you have to go to an art museum to see. One thing we can all agree on though is that they have beautiful eyes.

Well apart from what it appears David Bowie didn’t really have many different eye colors either of his eyes just was blue. You may think that bowie must have the medical condition known as heterochromia where people have two slightly different colored eyes but that wasn’t the case at all. The reason this eye condition occurred was because he had a birth defect where his mother had two different colored eyes. So instead of growing out of that defect which would have left him with completely different eyes, he instead developed his famous brown eyes. When he first started getting noticed he just stuck with the brown, which is his trademark.

So how do you know if David Bowie had different colored eyes? Well you will never know for sure because he never quite talked about his health in the press or in any of the different documentaries he produced. So in the end only the people who write books about him can say for sure. Even then there is no guarantee that he actually had heterochromia, which could very well be the reason he was always said to have such beautiful eyes. I am glad I live in an age where certain things are now open to speculation but truth is you really have no idea what really happened in those days.

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